Sunday, August 20, 2017

How to: Last minute, all-expenses-spared yogurt pinhole solar eclipse viewer

I'm not going to be able to see the totality because my priorities are obviously wrong. 

But I still want to see as much of the eclipse as I can, so I made this yogurt container solar viewer today (the day before the eclipse) at 6pm (much later and I wouldn't have been able to test it before the 21st). 

You'll need:

  • some blank white paper
  • aluminim foil
  • a yogurt container
  • scissors / knife
  • a pin or needle or nail
  • optional tape 

1. Cut out the bottom of the container

2. trace and cut a piece of paper the same size as the lid. Put the paper inside the lid.
 3. Cut out a little door from the edge of the container down the side. This will be your viewing port.

4. Now wrap the yogurt container in a layer of aluminum foil. This makes your viewer opaque.
 5. Using a pin, create a small pinhole in the top of the viewer (what was once the bottom of the container)
 6. Your viewer should now look like this.

7. Run outside and test your solar viewer! That little round dot is the sun. You can make it larger by moving the lid further away from the container.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

3D printed meal prep: speed up your mornings with custom scoops!

We actively look for ways to reduce the amount of time we spend on chores so we can spend more time on fun and togetherness.

One thing we stumbled upon is meal prep for breakfasts. Since our weekday breakfast has become pretty standard, in fifteen minutes one person can make breakfast for the entire house for the whole week! Suddenly our mornings become more flexible - we can spend more time hanging out and eating breakfast together, or we can grab breakfasts as we dash out the door and eat them at our respective offices, allowing us all to get home sooner.

Our current recipe:
1/2 Cup old fashioned rolled oats
1 Tbsp flax meal
1/8 Cup seeds or nuts (usually sunflower)
1/4 Cup chopped fruit or berries (we're currently using frozen blueberries)
1/3 Cup whole milk plain yogurt
Combine in instagram-ready layers with yogurt on top. Store in fridge until ready to eat - the oats will be delightful after 18 hours. After about 5 days, things begins to get too mushy.

We constantly tweak the recipe as fruit comes into season and we find interesting nuts / seeds / grains on sale.

To speed this process even further, I 3D printed custom scoops for the oats and seeds using wstein's wonderful customizable measuring cup/scoops. I made and labeled a 4 ounce scoop for oats and another 1 ounce scoop for seeds. The labels are a little hard to see in the photo, but the whole project turned out very nicely!