Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Look Ma, New Feet!

my replacement foot (in white) next to an original (in black)
Update3: The store for these feet and my upgraded feet for Ikea Gilbert Chairs is over here.

Update2: look at the bottom of this post - due to popular demand, we're now selling these!

Update: thanks to Ikea Hacker for the love!

I was refinishing a six Ikea Gilbert chairs with fresh paint and polycrylic when I noticed that I was missing a few feet - they must have popped off over the years.

I went to my local Ikea, but they don't sell these chairs anymore, so the replacement parts are sadly no longer available! ...until I created a 3D model and printed up a batch of fresh chair feet.

They are a little tighter than the originals, which I'm hoping means that the replacements will be less prone to popping off.

Next, I need to paint the replacement feet with a touch of black paint.  ... or, one could just print them in black ABS, or go for a splash of color instead.

I published the design to YouMagine (an object design repository) for anyone else who wants to repair these awesome modern chairs.

Purchase these chair feet right over here!