Saturday, December 14, 2013

3D Printer Cage Match

Sometimes I have dreams. Crazy dreams of my friends and me throwing a huge 3D printing dance party at a club packed with partygoers.

And sometimes those dreams come true.

Thanks to:
  • Chris and Mary for helping me organize things
  • Jim and Patrick for being amazing announcers
  • Colin, Josh, and Brittany for judging
  • Adam for dropping beats all night long
  • Sara for the super cool sci-fi lighting
  • Beauty Bar for hosting this ridiculous party
  • SeeMeCNC, Inventables, Awesome Foundation, and SPEstes for sponsoring a hugely fun party
  • Pumping Station: One for letting me borrow a car load of tables and power strips without asking questions
  • Everyone who showed up - you are the people who actually made this a party, I certainly hope you had a good time