Thursday, August 28, 2014

12 Things Destroyed Whilst Remodeling My House

  1. Wall, due to hammering & pry bar
  2. Ugly tile counter top, due to awesome power of the almighty team of sawzall & pry bar
  3. Ugly tile back splash, due to pry bar
  4. Huge and unwieldly kitchen island, due to screw driver-ing & pry bar
  5. Ugliest little closet in Texas, due to pry bar
  6. Filthiest pantry in Texas, due to pry bar
  7. (borrowed) Palm Sander, due to concrete dust
  8. Vacuum cleaner, due to concrete dust (which it turns out is a real pain in the *** to clean up)
  9. (borrowed) Dremel tool, due to being a piece of worthless ****
  10. Reciprocating saw blades (3), due to concrete
  11. Masonry bit, due to concrete (seriously? that's what you're designed for, your only job is to drill through concrete)
  12. Screw extraction bits, due to screw (again, that's your ONLY JOB)
The hero so far is the pry bar. I love that thing.

And the villain? Clearly concrete and concrete dust. The concrete counter top looks amazing now, but it's a tool killer.